Survival Guide

Log in to the game and learn
to sleep from the old beggar.

Use the "interface window" to view the skills you've mastered.

Select the 'sleep' skill
from the Skill selection window.

You can recharge
your HP by using your sleep skills.

Use the quick keys (drag your skills to this window) for your convenience.

You can recover your HP by eating the eggs.

You can get the eggs from Piyas and vendors.

You can hunt in front of towns.

You can hunt by learning the "martial combo" skills
from the old beggar once you reach level 2.

Examples of Combo Moves.

Click on the monster,
then press "Ctrl" key for auto hunt.

Hunt the monsters at your level
by checking their level indicated by the color of their names.

Once you beat the Bale,
pick up the dropped item.

(When the first attacker contributes over 30% in beating the monster, that character has 10 seconds of priority to pick up the item.)

Your HP will decrease when attacked by Bales,
take recovery potions or edible items to avoid faint.

(AP will decrease when you use any skills other than the basic skills.)

Use the sleeping skill to recover
from low HP and AP from the monster's attacks.

It's very useful when you have nothing else to use.

You will level-up
when you fill your EXP gauge.

When you level-up,
you will gain skill and status points.

If a question mark appears,
check the information on HELP.

When you click on HELP key after a level-up,
you can get helpful information for your level.

Your character has fainted.
No need to panic, just click "to town" then "ok" like the screen.

You'll be moved to town. * There is no faint penalty if your level is 9 or lower.
Additionally, your HP/AP will reset themselves as you revive.

Street Merchant NPC

NPC that sells potions and basic equipments.

Stage Coach Driver NPC

They will transport you from the Training Field to the Hunting grounds.
Once you leave the Training Field, it will be easier to move in and out of towns if you register with each town's stage coach drivers

Beginner's Quest Center NPC

When you bring items requested by quest center NPC's, you will receive reputation and experience points and level-up faster.
You'll also gain bonus cegels.

Career Counselor NPC

When you reach level 10, you can move to different towns through the Career Counselors.
Career Counselor takes you to the area where you can change your class.

Where you can learn the important skills.

Town Elim

Church: Where you can learn the skills of Priests.
Tower of Training: Where you can learn the basic skills and Knights skills.
Cooperative Society of Mages: Where you can learn the Mage's skills.

Town Lime

Tower of Training: Where you can learn the basic skills and Warriors skills.

Town Zaid

Tower of Training: Where you can learn the basic skills and Craftman's skills.

Town Madelin

Tower of Training: Where you can learn the basic skills and Jester's skills.
Circus: Where you can learn the Jester's skills.

Register the spot for Revival.

In front of each town's Warp area,Town Center, and some Dungeons, you will find a cute Red Cross NPC.
You can register your revival spot with this Red Cross NPC