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Story of Shiltz

Welcome, I am Joan Ahasnaut, the Royal Advisor of Shiltz.

I will assume that those of you who are reading this know how to enjoy adventures and travels. If you are awaiting a new adventure, or can't decide which path to take, let me give you some advice as the Royal Advisor of Shiltz.
Shiltz is a land under constant turmoil brought on by the battle between the chosen beings of the gods Elim and Balie, humans and Bales. This war has raged since the mythical era, and continues to this day. But today, there isn't a single Bale living in Shiltz.

We cannot imagine where the Bales have disappeared to or what caused their disappearance. Perhaps it was a certain event that effected the Bales... My suggestion to you is to get to the root of this mystery by investigating the past of Shiltz to uncover the lost history, the heroes, and the truth that's been hidden by distorted historical accounts.

- Shiltz's Royal Advisor Joan Ahasnaut, Year 330

Legend of Shiltz

In the beginning, there was nothing but the void.

Darkness and Light, materials of all composition were created from nothing.

First, Malkuth collected explosives from the Sea of Fire and hurled them across the sky. They filled the sky with stars and the largest amongst them became the Sun, burning brightest of all.

Next, Yesod flooded the world with water to douse the flames. On the third day, Hod created the continents using soil. Then, Dean erected the Pillars of Steel on the fourth day.

Finally, the Great Tiphareth planted trees, and the world as we know it began to take shape.

Genesis of Shiltz

When the world was first created, all was peaceful and everyones' lives were bountiful under the rule of the benign Elims. However, when Balie was born from the Elims’shadow, chaos ensued. Metatron of Doom first sprang off from the shadow of the Elim of Guidance, Keterre. The artful Laziel from Hokma of Knowledge; Sakiel of War from Vinagh the Protector; Samael of Strength from Dean of Justice; Zikael of Vengeance from Tiphareth of Beauty; Hanaiel of Blood from Neza of Achievement; Lanael of Darkness from Hod of Honor; Galadriel of Bewilderment from Yesod of Essence; and Sandalpon of Destruction from Malkut.

In the midst of the chaos, Sandalpon abducted Malkut the elder. Malkut the younger, having just been awakened, went looking for his predecessor. When Malkut arrived at Sandalpon's cave, Malkut the elder was already dead, and Sandalpon was just shedding its skin. Malkut, enraged, hurled a bolt of lightning and war ensued. The war between the Elims and the Balies lasted for 7,000 days, and it did not cease until they had razed the once beautiful world. The sky and the earth could no longer survive and the world fell into run. In that moment, Elios held fast to a piece crumbling land and erected four great columns to hold up the land and collected all the Elims, Balies, and other dying organisms on top of it.

Elios called to the Elims,
Open yours eyes! Live again, as the world has been resurrected. I will not allow anymore warfare on this land! You shall never again war against each other. For that reason, they chose a surrogate race to wage warfare in their stead.

The Elims chose the human race which resembled them, and the Balies opted for the Bales who took after them. The Elims subsequently vanished from the world and only the Bales, devoid of their brethren and intellect were left.

'The 'seal' is a wizardry created by the Elims in their warfare against the Balies.

Evolution of Shiltz

The Prophet Ramos could see the future using the divine mirror in his possession. For this reason, the Emperor of Shiltz relied heavily on the advice with the Prophet while ruling his nation.

Long ago, Prophet Ramos foresaw a devastating future of Shiltz. Through the mirror, he saw the doom of Shiltz by brutal forces of the bales, with none other than Bereth behind it all. When the Emperor was told of the new prophecy, he chose to keep the revival of Bereth a secret to avoid chaos among the people. Only a select few shared this secret and were set to work on strengthening a special army and developing new weapons to prepare for the dark future. In the midst of this secret mission, the Emperor suddenly disappeared, leaving the future of Shiltz in the hands of Empress Claire.The development of new weapons and battle strategies were completed just before the predicted revival of Bereth. These weapons were kept hidden, as they were too powerful for common adventurers to use.

Unfortunately, the forces behind Bereth's revival had their own prophet who learned the location of the hidden weapons. They were able to steal the weapons and spread them among their strongest bales in order to prevent Prophet Ramos from retrieving them. It was almost impossible to recreate the weapons before the revival of Bereth due to the scarity of the materials used in their creation. The Empress decided to prepare for the battle with the bales by recruiting the more powerful warriors with advanced skills to hunt down the bales spread throughout Shiltz and retrieve the stolen weapons.