[Event] An Exclusive Crown For You!

Dear Shiltzians,

We have a new update for you regarding "The Collaboration Event" with Seal What the Fun:
The crown of our beloved Rascal Rabbit in "Seal: What The FUN" has been lost and is now found in Seal Online B.O.D.
For this unique opportunity, this exclusive item will be provided to all players who do the following:

[Event]: «Seal Online B.O.D.» X «Seal: WHAT the FUN» - Cross Event

Acquire Seal WTF on its Early Access:
Register your purchase on this form:


You will receive an "Seal WTF Crown" (Head item) on your Seal Online B.O.D account.
Plus, we're making a big raffle as follows resulting in 3 Winners among those who comment on our Facebook Post.

- Transcendence Sapphire x1
- [Fly] Pet Box - 7th Stage.G x2

? [Event Rules]

Event runs from May 3rd until June 2nd.
All players who acquire Seal WHAT the FUN shall receive an exclusive surprise after the event ends.
If you request a refund for the game after purchase, you will be disqualified, and the rewards will not be provided.
Raffle Winners will be announced on June 05th.
Make sure to fill up the form correctly with all the requested information in order to avoid any disqualification.

Love Seal!
Seal B.O.D. Team^^