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[Update] Albereo's and Vulcanus Sales

Dear Shiltzians!

Albereo's and Vulcanu's Special Sales are back!
Don't miss out on limited-time items and up to 50% OFF!

Start: 01/20
End: 01/24 23:59 PT

Our activities are:
- Weekend Boost ( EXP & DROP: +200%)
- Extra Event: How to participate?
You have to upload a photo of the item you want to have the refinement DG in the comments of this Event on this FACEBOOK Post.
We will contact you and you will receive your reward
Remember that we will never ask for your password.
- RPs spent (Double rewards)
- Discount Sales ( 70% OFF - 50% OFF)
- Seal Blessing

For more information click here: https://bit.ly/3ZPSyuw

Love Seal! ^^
Seal B.O.D. Team