[Update] Packages Sales 90% OFF

Dear Shiltzians!

Are you ready for this weekend? Take this opportunity
to grab these limited package sales before they are gone!

Start: 01/13
End: 01/16 23:59 PT

Our activities are:
- Weekend Boost ( EXP & DROP: +300%)
- Extra Event: How to participate?
You have to upload a photo of the item you want to have the refinement XG in the comments of this Event on this FACEBOOK Post.
We will contact you and you will receive your reward. Remember that we will never ask for your password.
- RPs spent (Double rewards)
- Wish Event Raffle
- Discount Packages ( 90% OFF - 80% OFF)
- Limited Sales (80% OFF - 70% OFF)
- Seal Blessing

For more information click here:

Love Seal! ^^
Seal B.O.D. Team