• Will you be brave enough to defeat him?

    Samael's Fortress of Madness

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  • Boost your Experience!

    Roadmap Blessing

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  • Half the price for limited time only!

    Seal Blessing Update

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  • The most precious bait has been updated!

    Lucky Rascal Coin

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  • Good Luck for You All!!

    [UPDATE] Golden Chest

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  • Upgrade your Pets!

    New NPC Pet's Merchant

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  • Grabbit Update

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  • Your favorite costumes in one place!

    Costume Wardrobe

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[Promotion] Top-up & Rps spent!

Greetings Shiltzians!

This week we have some packages and a Top-up ! Take advantage of these discounts!
Start: 09/01
End: 09/05, 23:59 PT

Our activities are:
- Top-up
- RPs spent
- Extra Event: Ali's Tainted Vessel Raffle !
- Packages Sales (50% OFF , 30% OFF and 20% OFF)
- Limited Sales
- Seal Blessing

For more information click here: https://bit.ly/3TGwYWn
Love Seal! ^^