[Update] Dungeon Einhorn is available!

Hello Shiltizens!

We are very happy to bring you this new update for everyone to enjoy!

A new challenge is available and only the bravest and strongest heroes in Shiltz will make it to the end!

Are you one of them?

- Get on this new adventure with your friends on the new Dungeon [Einhorn Labyrinth]!
- Defeat the enemies and conquer the Labyrinth!
- Gather the treasures inside the Dungeon to build the strongest weapons of all!

Entrance is now available on the map [Chocolate Forest]!

More details about Dungeon [Einhorn Labyrinth] mechanics here:
Seal Online Forum > News and Announcements > Game Master News > [UPDATE] Einhorn's Underground Labyrinth Guide

We hope you enjoy it!

Love Seal ^^

Seal BoD Team.