[Event] Seal Happy Halloween 2018 - Phase 2

Hello Shiltizens!

Halloween is just around the corner and as we previously anounced,
here is the second part of our Seal Halloween season!

From October 24th 00:00 to November 6th you will be able to obtain more spooky items from helping Ms. Garknitt to enjoy with your Friends!

At this phase, Ms. Garknitt will send you a letter everyday, you must follow her instructions to defeat the Grim Reaper (you will find him on the outer lines of Lime), take his head and the letter to Ms. Garknitt and she will compensate you with a Halloween Treasures Box!

More info:
Seal Online Forum > Seal Online Events

Good luck Shiltizens, have fun and Happy Halloween!

Love Seal^^
Seal BoD Team