Novice Platinum Package

Weekend Update!

Announcing a new Package available on web mall:

Novice Platinum Package!

This new package is made to have everything you need to boost your level-up experience to the top quickly!

Also brings exclusive exp/drop items that you cannot find anywhere else, they are exclusive for this package.

Here is what it countains:

Words of Blessing Ruby 150% (30 days)
Pouch of Blessing Gold 100% (30 days)
Fishing Exp (4 Hours) - x2
Blessing of Gaius (7 days) - x1
Adorable Rex Costume - 7 Days

Additionally, get:
1 Golden Chest Key
1 Rascal Rabbit Balloon
to give a try on our mini-games!

More info:

If level up is what you need, you won't find better package than this!

Also, to celebrate this new package release, for everyone who purchases this package between May 18th ~ 31th at 00:00 PDT will be participating on a raffle that will pick randomly 3 winners to win a bonus of 3000 Rps each!

*The winners will be announced at June 1st on this post.

Now you have no excuse to stay behind!

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