Greetings Shiltizens,

We would like to remind everyone that the campaign "No cheaters allowed" is still up!

Since we posted the notice of "No cheaters allowed" last Tuesday after Emergency Maintenance we consider that everyone is aware that the minimum use of hack from now on automatically leads to the suspension of your account.

The 48 hour ban we did first, was only a warning to users who were not yet aware of our politics. From Tuesday 12th and foward, all accounts that are identified using hack programs will be suspended and treated with severity in accordance with our current ban policies.

If you are one of those who still use hacking programs, rest assured that your account will be suspended anytime and appeals will not be entertained.

Remember that we all want Seal Online BoD to be a fair game and look forward to watching over the fun, companionship, friendship amongst all our valued players.
We will not allow under any circumstances these firm principles to be affected by the wrongful actions of some users.

Be a good player, dont cheat!

Best Regards,

Seal Online: BoD Team