[Facebook Event] Seal Super Star

Seal Super Star

People of Shiltz!

It’s time to see once for all who is the Shiltizen with the best outfit ever!
Are you prepared get your best outfits out of the closet?
We have prepared amazing prizes for the best looks!
It’s very simple, all you have to do to participate is:

- Combine your best clothes and create a look that you consider a possible winner
- Take the best screenshot of it, and post on the comments bellow with your character name.
- Tag 2 friends on the comments with your screenshot
- Share this post on your public wall

GMs will pick the top 5 best outfits for this amazing prizes:

1st Place: 1500 Rps + Ancient Hero’s Wing (Normal)
2nd Place: 1000 Rps + Rascal Rabbit Necklace
3rd Place: 500 Rps + Blessed Diamond
4th Place: 6 Golden Chest Key
5th Place: 3 Golden Chest Key

Participation Prize: 3 Game Master Piya-gra + 5 Growth Booster


- Only legitimate Facebook can participate.
- Share the post on Facebook Profile. Public Option.
- You must write your character’s name on your post.
- Only one post per Facebook User (multi post will lead to an immediate disqualification).
- You can edit your screenshot background using photo editors, but it won’t affect our decision since
it’s based only on the outfit.

Event Duration:

• You can post your screenshot between September 1st, 2017 at 15:00 PDT to September 7th, 2017 at 15:00 PDT.
• On September 8th, GMs will pick the top 5 best outfits and post on Facebook for public vote during the weekend.
• On September 11th, GM will announce the winners’ qualification.

Click here to participate (Facebook Event):

Love Seal^^

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