[System] Rose Item

Greetings Shiltizens,

ALERT! Important information below!

We are glad to inform you that on next Aug 22th Maintenance we will be applying new Couple Store System!

This system will allow couples to gain couple points while they spend time together in-game.
They can exchange this points for the new Couple Store System Currency: Roses

With these Roses, players will be allowed to buy different and exclusive items from the Couple Store.

Couple Store will be available on the Heart icon on the top left game interface.

IMPORTANT: Since the couple store will change the function of the "Rose" items becoming now a currency instead of a tradable item, all the current roses will be removed from the server starting from 0 once Couple Store is launched.

We recommend all the players TO SPEND YOUR CURRENT ROSES BEFORE AUGUST 22TH!

Why are we reseting the roses and not just adding them to users balance?
As you may understand, Seal Online Blades of Destiny is a 10 years old game, just add the roses to users balance would cause:

1- Users who played for long time would be abble to get the Top prizes on the first day.
2- Our intention with Couple Store is to give you new and enjoyable content. It would be worthless if everyone have access to the top prizes at the first day.
3- It could cause a Couple Store items excess in-game and so the items would lost their market value.
4- Players would lost all the fun on see who gets the best prizes first!

So, we hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we do! We will be posting the details and guide for couple store next week on Seal Online Forum.

As for the Gourmet class, it is planned to go live during the month of September.

We remind you that we have to be careful to apply so many significant changes to the game and avoid possible mistakes. We ask for your patience, we are working hard to bring you the best of Seal Online!

Love Seal! ^^

Seal Online Team.